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Black Designers You Should Know: Nathaniel Noir

Nathaniel Noir, a Black luxury goods designer behind the brand Noir-X Apparel based in Canada, is a designer you need in your radar. He designs structured handbags of varying sizes and textures such as crocodile, python, ostrich, iridescent color ways, and vegan leather. He offers sophisticated pieces that can definitely become staples in anyone’s collection while also offering fun handbags in various patterns.

I cannot tell you how I initially came across his account, but when I saw the Python Blue Chrome bag in the medium, I was hoooked! The bag was both metallic and iridescent with blue and green colors so when it hit the light, it shined, okay?! I had to have it! Well so did everyone else because this was last spring and it quickly sold out! I thought I lost out on the bag, but then this summer, it was re-released and I snatched it up quickly! Check out my unboxing and initial reaction below .

Since acquiring the Python Blue Chrome handbag, I snagged another coveted beauty, the Python Liquid Gold also in the medium size. Isn’t she a beauty? The orange and gold tones are a perfect pop to any ensemble for the upcoming fall season. This bag with brown or emerald green?! I can’t wait!

Image Credit: Noir-X

I currently have my eye out for the re-release of the Vitro Chrome in medium. Check her out below. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Image Credit: Noir-X

I have found my sweet spot in styles of handbags that work for me and they are structured , medium sized, with top handles and feet. The ones I received from Noir-X check all of those boxes. However , if the medium is too large for you or not large enough, many of the offerings come in mini and jumbo sizes as well.

The price range is what I would consider mid-tier accessible ranging from $270-$660. However, many of the styles are often and currently steeply discounted. The bags shown above retailed for $480 but are discounted to $150.

I’m not done with Mr. Nathaniel Noir yet, my wishlist includes:

1. Purple Jumbo Python

Image Credit: Noir-X

2. Jewel Green Jumbo Python

Image Credit: Noir-X

3. Monaco Red Jumbo Python

Image Credit: Noir-X

4. Cobalt Blue Jumbo Boa

Image Credit: Noir-X

If anything you see interests you or you want to see more from the brand, head to Noir-X to take a look around. Just don’t sell him out before I get there!

Cover Image Credit: Nathaniel Noir