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Easy Healthy Snack Prep

Without fail, it seems everyone at the office gets snacky about to hours after lunch. The “3’Oclock Crash” is what we call it at my office. If you don’t have healthy options on hand, it is easy to fall victim to the overpriced and overly sweet and salty everything at the vending machine. I’ve tried to go for healthier options, but a few bucks a day can add up quickly. My favorite go-to’s are cheese and fruit snack cups. When I found myself purchasing them daily, I decided to do something about it. Adult and make my own!

The fruit cut option I always turned do only had grapes and cheese and retailed for $2.99. I added strawberries to the mix and got five days worth with plenty of grapes and some strawberries left over. The total for the fruit and cheese was $10.03. That’s only three days worth at my job. I even gave myself a bonus with the extra fruit! When I ran out of cheese, I subbed with oranges. I ended up with NINE days worth of blended fruit cup snacks with extra grapes to munch on later.

I’m ashamed at the level of robbery I was doing to my own bank account!

This is super easy to modify based on personal preferences, lifestyle and/or diet restrictions.

Be sure to comment is you try this and feel free to share any of your snack prep ideas.

Places to Try: Bodega Ultima

Bodega Ultima is a great intimate restaurant that offers a relaxing ambiance if you want to grab a bite to eat for breakfast, head there with coworkers while on lunch or catch up with friends at the bar. They are only open for breakfast and lunch, but breakfast is served throughout business hours. The smaller indoor space and quaint enclosed patio prevent large lunch crowd from disturbing your mood and allows you the peace to dig in to what’s on your plate.

What to try? Order the order soft shell crab sandwiches and upgrade the accompanying potato salad for wedges and aioli sauce. If you’re a seafood lover, you’ll be sure to clean your plate.

Location: Surrey Center

353 Highland Avenue

Augusta, GA 30904

Places to Try: Krab Hut

Kiki with friends at the newest seafood spot on the southside of Atlanta! Krab Hut sure will satisfy any seafood cravings!

What to get?? Order any number of their specials, get an oyster and/or calamari basket to share. Make sure you get the BoomBoom sauce for dipping. It has a kick too! Wash it all down with the signature Krab Punch cocktail!

The atmosphere is super casual and vibrant as the lastest R&B and hip hop tunes keeps restaurant goers in an upbeat mood as they go to town on their crab legs. Hmmm yum!

Location: 6608 Tara Blvd Jonesboro, GA 30236