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Health and Wellness: Scotland Announces Ruling that Menstrual Products Are Free in Public Spaces

While women’s bodies have been heavily policed via legislation as of late in the States, across the Atlantic, Scotland is passing laws that make more sense. Women now have the legal right to free menstrual products in public spaces including schools and universities. This is all due to the Period Products bill passed by a unanimous vote back in November 2020. However local authorities and education providers will be responsible for ensuring the products availability. Big shout out to Monica Lennon who proposed the bill in April 2019 (CNN).

Having worked a stint in community outreach in a local education system, period poverty is absolutely real and I, along with a few teachers, held discreet fundraisers to keep our storage stocked.

Also, word to handbag designer and stylist, Sonique of Saturday House, for raising period awareness through her designs for years now. Hopefully, one day the U.S. will catch up with the rest of the world.

Until then…